Would you open-source it?

Hi, I love this app. I’ve been looking for something similar for a while, for the same reasons you created it.

Have you considered open-sourcing the code?
It would possibly lighten the load on you as sole developer, and allow you to say to people “I have no plans to add (whatever feature), but feel free to fork the project and add it yourself!”

I have considered it so my answer is a strong… maybe? :slight_smile:

I have a couple of hesitations. The first is that I’ve open sourced some stuff in the past and when things get popular it can become a real pain to manage the OSS part of it. The other is that while I have no intention of commercializing GameScape - I am working on another project (totally unrelated to gaming and rpgs) that I might use the core engine of GameScape as part of - and that would be a commercial project. The third hesitation is that GameScape was built partially as an exercise to explore some different tech (functional javascript, eventually consistent log-based storage, serverless, etc…) so it would probably require some explanation on how it works. some other people who’ve asked about open sourcing have said don’t bother with explaining it – however my OCD wouldn’t allow me to open source it without some kind of docs on why it’s put together the way it is. :slight_smile:

Now I still might open source it since the way I would use it in the other project isn’t the core of that project but it still makes things a little murky. So again, maybe?

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No worries. Those are all totally understandable qualms. And I should have guessed someone will have asked you this before.