Still development?

I would like to know if there is further development. I’d like to build some adventures here, but want to be sure it continues to exist. I love this very good and simple tool! Thank you for that. Unfortunately, the discord channel no longer exists either.

Greetings from Germany!


Hi lubben.jan,

I wouldn’t worry about GameScape going away, it will continue to exist for a long time, and continue to be free. The way it’s built it has very little overhead - and I use it every week personally. :slight_smile:

However, feature development has been frozen on Gamescape for the immediate future. I don’t have the bandwidth to work on building new features. I’ve explored open sourcing it and seeing if someone wants to take over extending / expanding it but I haven’t gotten any takers yet. I may occasionally add new features if I have time but probably not for at least six months.


Thank you very much for yourbwork!