New Release 2021-09-23

Release notes - version 2.7.0

This release adds simple shapes to the “subtoolbar” for the pen, highligher, eraser, and fog tools.

  • Not all shapes work with all tools. The subtoolbar now changes based on what’s available for the tool. I worry this may seem confusing so I’m curious what people think.
  • I decided for either outlined shapes or filled shapes and no outlined AND filled. The main reason was to avoid a secondary color selection and having users have to understand the fill and stroke color as separate things.
  • All the shapes react to the grid being on or off.
  • A new keyboard shortcut is SHIFT when drawing with ellipses or rectangles which constrains the aspect ratio of the shapes to either circle or square respectively.
  • The “sraight line” mode still works but doesn’t make sense with shape tools – still thinking about whether to replace that or not. It could be al “alternate” mode for the selected tool but that could get confusing.

Let me know what you think!

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