New Release 2021-03-01

The latest release creates separate views for players and the DM/GM. The drawing tools are only present on the GM view for now. I still like the idea of players drawing on the map – but for now it’s limited to just the DM.

On one hand, I like the simplicity of players only having a move, measure and laser indicator tool. On the other hand, my test-game with these features enabled, the players dropped torches on the map and I drew indicators on the map, would have been just as easy for the players to draw them themselves.

The other change in this release is the measure tool / token selection behavior. Originally you had to click on a token twice to enable moving tokens. This felt weird and non intuitive. In this latest release, while the measure tool is active, you can long-press on a token to move it. This feels better and allows free-form measurements. This interaction is the same on desktop and mobile.