How Much Does GameScape Cost?

My intention is for GameScape to be free and for all of the features developed as of this post and the future-features listed on the v1 GameScape Roadmap to always be free.

As long as GameScape exists it should be useful as a free tool, drawing, basic tokens, basic fog-of-war etc.

There is this caveat: this is a passion project and I’m paying for it personally. If running the project gets to be too expensive I may revisit this position. If this were to change, I would expect to have some kind of map saving (export) in place as well as giving people several (at least three) months warning.

I don’t have any intention of charging money for GameScape. However if there were demand for features that could make it expensive for me to run, I might consider a pay-for-premium kind of arrangement (but probably not).

Features I might imagine could make running the service expensive for me would be things like:

  • More storage space: a larger upload limit and larger upload image sizes (very large battlemaps)
  • Dynamic lighting
  • More real-time feedback (e.g. see tokens move in real-time as players move them instead of after they’ve been placed)

The goal of GameScape is to keep it lightweight and easy to use.

For now, enjoy! If you use it (or even just kick the tires) please let me know what you do or don’t like about it.


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Related to this, how much does it cost you (other than time and stress) to host it?

GameScape wasn’t just scratching the itch to build a better map/token/gaming tool but also to explore some software architectural ideas I’ve been thinking about / playing with.

Because of how it’s built it’s actually pretty “hands off” for me and easy to host. The most expensive part of GameScape is actually this discourse community forum! :slight_smile:

(I’ve thought about turning off the forum since it’s not super active, but even this isn’t that expensive)

Fair. And the Discord could pick up that cost.