Deleting maps/general api

So- I figured out how to delete maps- its good enough for me, as long as I’m not breaking anything.

If I delete the two default maps am I going to break you?

PS- I said the other day I’d probably never look at your code if you released it. I think I probably would now, I’m intrigued. I’m a python dev, with a light side of js. I could definitely see making forking and making pull requests for minor things. I realize that has the potential of making your life difficult though, so totally understand.

Heh, let me think about it. Did you just use the REST API to delete the maps? I’ve built the API but no UI for it.

I suppose I could look at logs but I’m being lazy.

I did :grinning: I’ve closed my tabs so I don’t know the map id now, but it worked

It’s like something I might try - I suppose it’s good that it works in a predictable way. :slight_smile: – I haven’t actually tested that path but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work (and obviously it looks like it did).

Deleting maps UI is now live on the site.

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