Allow Other Players to Use Drawing Tools

I often play with just one or two other people. In these types of games, there isn’t really a single “GM” and we all take turns adding things to the world. It would be really handy if I were able to allow other players to draw on the map, add tokens, etc.

That’s funny because originally I had all drawing enabled for everyone. During initial testing my players immediately began defacing the map with inappropriate graffiti. :slight_smile: I’ll add this to the list of possible future features, I need to potentially hire someone to work on GameScape since I’m stretched for time and GS is a side project at the moment.

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This would be great. I like my players mapping while dungeon crawling. currently we use OBR but the drawing tool a much better on yout app.

Chalk me up as another vote for this - unless I decide to lose Fog…and allow everyone to log in as the GM. The issue with players drawing willies on the desktop happens in every VTT or Whiteboard app when you enable drawing but my players are definitely warned against it

It was designed from the beginning to be multi-user in terms of drawing. Like I said I had the map defacing issue (willies indeed :slight_smile: ). I probably won’t have time to get to it soon but the way I’ve thought about addressing this is to add a user drawing layer on top of the base layer. That way it can be cleared / turned on and off without affecting the GM’s drawing / initial map.

An erasable layer. Yes.